Dear Guests,

Welcome to Shanghai Lily Tours! We are a small group of experienced tour guides & interpreters who also happen to be best friends. We are … Lily, Emma, Linda, Vivian & Theresa.

We decided to create because we want to share our love for Shanghai with visitors to our lovely, fascinating and titillating city. We want our guests to experience much of what Shanghai has to offer in a pleasant, friendly and family atmosphere.

We also offer the interpreter & business assistant service, in order to help our business visitors achieve the business success with Chinese market.

We want you to love SH as much as we do. We promise our guests, that we will provide you with a wonderful tour experience while you are in SH. We will guide you on where to go, what to see, while exposing you to a variety of foods and customs unique to China and SH. And, we will take for you, as we would our own family.

 Come join us on Shanghai Lily Tours !