Suzhou,with about 1.5 hr driving distance from Shanghai downtown, is a 2500 years ancient city, like an ancient book scroll, culturally extensive and profound, is famous with numerous Chinese classical gardens.
Tongli, 45 mins driving distance from Suzhou, is acclaimed as Oriental Venice with the architectural complexes of the Ming and Qing dynasties.

Duration: 8 hours
Price: 2200RMB(324USD) for 2 guests;                  250RMB(37USD)/additional guest.

About 50 mins driving distance form downtown Shanghai,  zhujiajiao is the closest old village nearby Shanghai. If you want to see  an old Oriential Venice nearby Shanghai, this tour will be a great choice! We designed this tour to let you enjoy relaxed walking and boating around Zhujiajiao, the quaint ancient water village;

Duration: 8 hours
Price: 2200RMB(324USD) for 2 guests;                  250RMB(37USD)/additional guest.

If you have limited time here, but want to see both suberb village and modern city of shanghai, this tour will be a great choice! We designed this tour to let you have morning relaxed walking around the quaint ancient water village, Zhujiajiao. then the afternoon to discover excited city mixed with east & west glamor.

Duration: 9 hours
2800RMB(412USD) for 2 guests; 250RMB(37USD)/additional guest.

Situated about 110km (1.5hr driving) west of Shanghai, Tongli is a famous water village over 1000 years old. It is truly unique and renowned for its many bridges, classical gardens and courtyards.  Away from bustle and glamorous ​Shanghai, you can enjoy the peace and  tranquility fo this beautiful and timeless ancient


Duration: 5 hours
Price: 1500RMB(220USD) for 2 guests;                  200RMB(29USD)/additional guest.